Being a childless couple is very annoying and stressful not because the reason by itself but due to the social stigma attached to it .
These couples are repeatedly questioned and enquired about their delay in pregnancy adding much to sorrowful and pathetic situation .
Many spend a lot of money on Assisted Reproductive Technology like IVF, IUI , ICSI etc . Atleast 30 % have their beta Hcg positive while the rest were not so lucky . Check this site

Known cause for infertility like thyroid,PCOS,Endometriosis, stress, low progesterone, high Prolactin etc can be addressed to some extent by the conventional methods but Acupuncture can do wonders too.The above mentioned sums up to 40% cause for female infertility

And Male infertility occurs due to low sperm count, abnormal sperm morphology and motility, stress, lifestyle etc . These sums to another 40 % cause for infertility which can be addressed positively through Acupuncture .

About 20% cause is unknown for Infertility . Here is where Acupuncture plays an important role .
Infertility in woman may be due to over warmth in the lower abdomen also called as lower Triple Heater ( San jio) this heat can be controlled by Acupuncture thus allowing the sperm to survive for a longer period in the uterus.

At the same time Acupuncture not only helps in treating infertility for unknown cause but also can be addressed in
1. Reducing the size of cysts in PCOS after which it cannot hinder the fertility process
2. Increasing the blood flow to ovaries and uterus
3. Regulating the pituitary and hypothalamus to stimulate ovulation
4. Increasing the progetron level for a successful implantation ( fetus to get attached to uterus )
5. Reducing Prolactin to see ovulation happens smoothly

For Male
1. Improve the quality of sperm
2. Addressing ED
3. Reduce stress
4. Sedating the heart to calm
5. Bringing down the palpitations etc

To conclude Acupunture is proven to be efficacy in addressing fertility issues and without any side effects