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Acu Heal, many patients have recovered significantly without having to spend thousands of rupees, undergo painful surgeries and consume heavy drug doses.


Medical researches continue to state that Diabetes is the most common threat to population world over as the society becomes more affluent changing the lifestyle pattern significantly. Diabetes is caused primarily by dysfunction of the pancreas. When pancreas stops to produce enough insulin for several reasons, it results in Diabetes, which could be chronic with severe effects on various functions of the body. In Allopathy, continual drugs including insulin injections are prescribed and it is a long drawn, costly process of recuperation. However, there is good news.

Acupuncture can significantly help diabetic patients. At Acu Heal, we have proved this and have been helping several of our patients recuperate with Diabetes. We do not treat the symptoms of Diabetes like Allopathy. Through our safety and advanced Acupuncture techniques, we help lower blood glucose content, lower the release of pancreatic glucagon; enhance blood outflow; elevate a lowered pain threshold; and help pancreas to function normally. Patient can benefit immediately as they can feel a considerable change within a few sittings. Call us to know more and visit us to have a one-one on discussion.  


Sensitivities, otherwise called unfavorably susceptible sicknesses, are various conditions brought about by excessive touchiness of the invulnerable framework to something in the environment that more often than not causes little issue in the vast majority. These sicknesses incorporate roughage fever, sustenance hypersensitivities, atopic dermatitis, unfavorably susceptible asthma, and hypersensitivity. Side effects may incorporate red eyes, a bothersome rash, runny nose, shortness of breath, or swelling. Sustenance intolerances and nourishment harming are isolated conditions.

Normal allergens incorporate dust and sustenance. Metals and different substances might likewise bring about issues. Sustenance, bug stings, and pharmaceuticals are basic reasons for extreme responses. Their improvement is because of both hereditary and ecological variables.

Numerous allergens, for example, clean or dust are airborne particles. In these cases, indications emerge in zones in contact with air, for example, eyes, nose, and lungs. For example, unfavorably susceptible rhinitis, otherwise called feed fever, causes aggravation of the nose, sniffling, tingling, and redness of the eyes. Breathed in allergens can likewise prompt expanded creation of bodily fluid in the lungs, shortness of breath, hacking, and wheezing.


Migraine is a neurological infection described by intermittent moderate to serious cerebral pains regularly in relationship with various autonomic sensory system indications. The word is gotten from the Greek (hemikrania), "torment on one side of the head", from (hemi-), "half", and (kranion), "skull". Ordinarily, the cerebral pain influences one portion of the head, is throbbing in nature, and keeps going from 2 to 72 hours. Related side effects may incorporate sickness, spewing, and affectabilty to light, stable, or smell. The agony is by and large exacerbated by physical movement. 

Manifestations: Migraine regularly give self-restricted, repetitive serious cerebral pain connected with autonomic side effects. Around 15–30% of individuals with headaches experience headaches with an air and the individuals who have headaches with emanation likewise as often as possible have headaches without quality. The seriousness of the torment, span of the migraine, and recurrence of assaults is variable. A headache enduring longer than 72 hours is termed status migrainosus.
There are four conceivable stages to a headache, in spite of the fact that not every one of the stages are essentially experienced:

  • The prodrome, which happens hours or days before the cerebral pain
  • The atmosphere, which promptly goes before the migraine
  • The agony stage, otherwise called migraine stage
  • The postdrome, the impacts experienced after the end of a headache attack

Your kidney is your genetic blueprint, which shows who you are, how healthy you are and will be in the future. Not only does it flush out the unwanted toxins and other substances from our body, it also governs our system’s overall growth, maturation, sexuality, fertility, and aging processes; taking care of our Kidney and bladder health is pivotal for our wellness. Besides its main function -detoxing our system, an unhealthy kidney may lead to problems with fertility, conception, pregnancy, multiple sclerosis, muscular dystrophy, cerebral palsy, weakness of hearing and vision and weakness in teeth and hair loss. Unfortunately, many allopathic medicines treat these symptoms separately and by the time they identify the unhealthy Kidney, things could turn worse. Acupuncture helps significantly in Kidney Care.

It helps the kidneys by stimulating more blood circulation, which then improves overall function. Also, immunity is the key to Kidney care and through stimulation of blood flow and focusing on specific acupuncture points on the body; acupuncture can boost the immune system considerably. At Acu Heal, we have been helping several patients cut down on their dialysis expenditures and recover holistically in a short period of time, without pain and with fewer costs. Our specialists in Acupuncture treat your kidney related complications through advanced and safe Acu -techniques, which is been practiced world over successfully. You may see a visible difference within a few sittings. For more information call or visit us.  


Physiological or natural anxiety is a living being's reaction to a stressor, for example, an ecological condition or a jolt. Anxiety is a body's system for responding to a test. As indicated by the unpleasant occasion, the body's approach to react to stretch is by thoughtful sensory system enactment which brings about the battle or-flight reaction. Since the body can't keep this state for drawn out stretches of time, the parasympathetic framework gives back the body's physiological conditions to typical (homeostasis). In people, stretch normally portrays a pessimistic condition or a constructive condition that can affect a man's mental and physical prosperity.

There is likely an association in the middle of anxiety and sickness. Speculations of the stress–illness connection recommend that both intense and endless anxiety can bring about ailment, and a few studies discovered such a connection. As indicated by these hypotheses, both sorts of anxiety can prompt changes in conduct and in physiology. Behavioral changes can be smoking and dietary patterns and physical movement. Physiological changes can be changes in thoughtful enactment or hypothalamic pituitary adrenocorticoid actuation, and immunological capacity. Be that as it may, there is much variability in the connection in the middle of anxiety and sicknes



(i)wrinkle, otherwise called a rhytide, is a fold, edge or wrinkle in the skin. Skin wrinkles ordinarily show up as an aftereffect of maturing procedures, for example, glycation, chronic dozing positions, loss of body mass, or briefly, as the consequence of delayed inundation in water. Age wrinkling in the skin is advanced by constant outward appearances, maturing, sun harm, smoking, poor hydration, and different variables.

Advancement of facial wrinkles is a sort of fibrosis of the skin. Misrepair-collection maturing hypothesis recommends that wrinkles create from off base repairs of harmed versatile strands and collagen filaments. Rehashed expansions and compressions of the skin reason rehashed wounds of extracellular strands in derma. Amid the repairing procedure, a percentage of the broken versatile filaments and collagen strands are not recovered and restored but rather supplanted by adjusted strands. At the point when a flexible fiber is softened up an expanded state, it might be supplanted by a "long" collagen fiber. Amassing of "long" collagen filaments makes some portion of the skin looser and stiffer, and as an outcome, a major fold of skin shows up. Whenever a "long" collagen is softened up a compacted state, it might be supplanted by a "short" collagen fiber. The "shorter" collagen filaments will confine the expansion of "longer" strands, and make the "long" strands in a collapsing state for all time. A little overlay, specifically a lasting wrinkle, then shows up.

(ii) Scars are territories of sinewy tissue (fibrosis) that supplant typical skin after damage. A scar results from the organic procedure of twisted repair in the skin and different tissues of the body. In this manner, scarring is a characteristic piece of the recuperating procedure. Except for exceptionally minor sores, each twisted (e.g., after mischance, ailment, or surgery) results in some level of scarring. An exemption to this are creatures with complete recovery, which regrow tissue without scar development. 


  • Hypertrophic
  • Keloid
  • Atrophic
  • Stretch imprints

Hypertrophic scars happen when the body overproduces collagen, which makes the scar raised over the encompassing skin. Hypertrophic scars take the type of a red raised irregularity on the skin. They typically happen inside of 4 to 8 weeks taking after injury disease or twisted conclusion with overabundance pressure and/or other traumatic skin wounds. 
Keloid scars are a more genuine type of unnecessary scarring, on the grounds that they can become uncertainly into vast, tumorous (albeit kindhearted) Keloid scars can happen on anybody, however they are most regular in dim cleaned individuals. They can be brought about by surgery, mischance, skin break out or, some of the time, body piercings. In a few individuals, keloid scars shape suddenly. In spite of the fact that they can be a restorative issue, keloid scars are just idle masses of collagen and in this manner totally safe and not destructive
An atrophic scar takes the type of an indented break in the skin, which has a hollowed appearance. These are brought on when fundamental structures supporting the skin, for example, fat or muscle, are lost. This sort of scarring is frequently connected with skin inflammation, chickenpox, different sicknesses [especially Staphylococcus (or MRSA) infection], surgery, or mishaps. 

Stretch imprints
 (actually called striae) are likewise a type of scarring. These are brought about when the skin is extended quickly (for example amid pregnancy, noteworthy weight increase, or youthful development spurts), or when skin is put under pressure amid the mending procedure, (for the most part close joints). This kind of scar more often than not enhances in appearance following a couple of years


Joint / Knee osteoarthritis could be painful and the elders are the most affected. When the cartilage at the knee joint – the "cushion" between the bones -- wears away it causes severe pain. While the scope for permanent cure is not very encouraging, many take allopathic drugs, therapy and even undergo surgery to revive the cartilage. However, the effectiveness is still questionable. The good news is that acupuncture could be a viable option to relieve pain, besides trying to repair the damaged cartilage tissues.

We at Acuheal, provide you with excellent Acupuncture –based treatments to your Osteoarthritis. Our expertise lies in providing you holistic treatments that involves pressure point acu treatments, physiotherapy and healthy diet follow-ups. There is no scare of surgery, high expenses or drug overdose. You may have to visit our clinic fewer times and can see the visible relief in a short period of time. Spearhead by Dr, Bharath a leading Acupuncture practitioner in town, many patients have been relieved of their osteoarthritis related problems and have improved their mobility. For more information please call or mail us.  


Infertility is rapidly increasing and so many reasons contribute to it. Apart from the biological inability of an individual to contribute to conception, risk factors such as late marriages, career focused objectives, obesity, unhealthy habits and sedentary lifestyle add up and make the scenario worst. If we closely observe, these factors mount up the stress levels as today’s generations are required to achieve more from less in a highly competitive environment and it is certainly not aiding fertility. Acupuncture can be the answer to infertility.

It reduces stress, increases blood flow to the reproductive organs and balances the endocrine / hormonal system. Besides, Acupuncture, will not only help you to get pregnant, but to stay pregnant through the full-term and to have a healthy baby. It provides better blood flow to the ovaries and uterus, creating a stronger chance for an egg to be nourished and carried to term. And it certainly helps for men too. It helps in increasing sperm motility& testosterone levels and lowering the temperature of the scrotum, where sperm are stored.

At Acu Heal, we help you conceive cost effectively and quickly. Our established acupuncture practices and techniques help you fight the odds of infertility effectively. We can help you de-stress effectively, increase the chance of fertility and stay pregnant through the full-term healthiliy. Our practices are free of side effects unlike allopathic medicines and can be under-gone pain free, quickly and cost-effectively. For more information call or visit us

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