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About Acuheal

"Health is wealth’ – How profound!




Yet, many ignore health over wealth and realize it later only when situations turn adverse

The Result - More Hospitals and more Medicines... Worldwide, many medical research and reports suggest an alarming trend – ‘Youngsters and those in early 30’s are no more exceptions to heart-attacks; early onset of BP, sugar, obesity, fat are becoming common and on a rise’. Unfortunately the trend is not confined to one region, state or country. Fast-paced and competitive lifestyle, which embraces unhealthy food habits, insomnia and sedentary living, is the prime cause.

The result - more hospitals and more medicines. The belief that Allopathy is panacea for all maladies is making the situation worse. Modern Medicines divide man into mind and body and body into multiple organs, where each specialist cares each organ separately. Most often, treatments are focused on circumscribed problems or organs or symptoms. The drugs are prescribed to cure the symptoms and not to cure the disease holistically. Besides, drugs have multiple side effects and are symptom suppressors. Frequent usage of drugs adversely affect liver, kidney, heart, lungs and brains over a longer period of time.

Alternative medicines are turning out to be blessing in disguise, especially Acupuncture. It is an effective practice originated from China thousands of years back and sees the body as a self rectifying dynamic whole, a network of interrelating and interacting energies. Their even distribution and flow maintains health, but any interruption depletion or stagnation leads to disease. Acupuncture is a system of medicine which seeks to aid these natural processes, helping the body to correct itself by a realignment or re-direction of body vital energy, which the Chinese call “ QI’ (CHI).

We, at Acu Heal, heal people with chronic diseases holistically through Acupuncture. Headed by
Dr. A. Shaji Bharath, a renowned and qualified Acupuncture Specialist, Acu Heal, concentrates on the diseases and the cure right at the origin, and not by adopting methods to conceal the pain or prescribing symptom suppressing short-term drugs.

At Acu Heal, many patients have recovered significantly without having to spend thousands of rupees, undergo painful surgeries and consume heavy drug doses. Dr.Bharath personally involve with every case, suggest appropriate treatments and change of lifestyle and ensure that the patient gets nothing but the best.

Situated in Chennai, Acu Heal provides best of facilities and treats modern day diseases including Diabetes, Fertility, Kidney Failure Recovery and Joint Pain.