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Acu Heal, many patients have recovered significantly without having to spend thousands of rupees, undergo painful surgeries and consume heavy drug doses.

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About Acuheal

Dr, Bharath personally involve with every case, suggest appropriate treatments and ensure that the patient gets nothing but the best.


Acu Heal provides best of facilities and treats modern day diseases including Diabetes, Fertility, Kidney Failure Recovery and Joint Pain


 Acu Heal, concentrates on the diseases and the cure right at the origin and not by adopting methods to conceal the pain

Welcome to Acuheal

Acu Heal specializes in treating various modern day diseases including Diabetes, Fertility, Kidney Failure Recovery and Joint Pain. Dr. Shaji Bharath has spent considerable years practicing Acupuncture and other alternative medicines. He is qualified as M.D, in Acupuncture from Colombo besides holding other degrees.

He is also a registered member of ASA (Acupuncture Science Association), India.

Today, Acu Heal headed by Dr. Bharath, provides cost-effective yet reliable treatments for various diseases. These treatments are safe, drug-free and hence no worries of side-effects and are designed to simulate the patients systems in such a way that it will follow its own natural tendency to get repaired and balanced.

Patients are bound to see visible changes in a few sittings and the diseases are treated holistically.

Acu Heal
No:16/9, Chellammal Street, Janaki Nagar, Valasaravakkam, Chennai 87.


Oct 01, 2016


I was childless for past 4 years, Tried doing IVF and it was a failure for the first time...

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August 22, 2016


Hello I am Sri Lekha first of all I am so grateful to my Uncle for referring me to Acu Heal. Basically my work was more towards writing reports and registers because of which I was induced severe back pain and neck pain...

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